The flagship venue on Argyll Street has an incredibly versatile space, which can be adapted to suit any occasion or event.

Our highly experienced events team will work with you to ensure that you and your guests have the perfect night.

We are proud to have our international catering division for all events. We offer three courses private dining menus as well as an extensive range of canapés and bowl foods all accompanied by an excellent selection of drinks and bottles as well as innovative cocktails.

3 event rooms with DJ booth & own bar 

Capacity: 415 people

In-house catering 

2 cloakrooms 

In-house event production crew 

Funktion 1 sound system 


Full club lighting

AV / Sound / Light support


Secretly nestled within the vaults of the London Palladium in the heart of Soho, this versatile and unique space is the ultimate venue to host your celebration.

Accommodating up to 415 guests and available for both full and part hire, this 5,000 sq ft space is set out across multi-raised levels offering volumes of character.

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Within the club we have a self-contained lounge complete with colour changing bar and DJ Booth. Spanning across three elegantly framed arches, this space can accommodate up to 220 guests but can be sectioned into smaller spaces for more intimate occasions.


Subtly hidden past a tunnel of magnificent vaults, this dynamic lounge is the newest addition to Toy RoOm and the perfect space for a breather from the crowds (capacity 70 people). Relax and enjoy a suave experience from our glowing bar - with custom lighting to transform the personality of the room at a touch.


I have used Toy Room for Private events for students, for celebrating life’s big events and to enjoy popular holidays like Halloween and Christmas.

Words cannot describe how important these events are to students, and to the wider public as well. These events offer a bright light at the end of the tunnel for many preparing for months of challenging exams and are an opportunity to celebrate some of the most special occasions of their lives with their friends.

It has been a great way for some people struggling with mental health problems to socialise, make connections and cope. Toy Room is of great cultural importance to London and the community it's in. London is known as being one of the most fun and vibrant cities and it wouldn't be the same without Toy Room.

On behalf of The London School of Economics Student’s Union Malaysia Club (LSESUMC) we used the venue to host our annual clubbing event in November 2019. We have previously hosted this event at other clubs such as Libertine, Mahiki, etc. The clubbing night was a huge success for the society thanks to the great hospitality offered by the Toyroom staff and rest of the team.

The event is important for us as a society as we operate on a tight budget annually.. A lot of work is put into organizing the clubbing night which involves securing a venue, marketing the event, designing and printing tickets and a lot more. Toyroom made this process simple for us and we extremely appreciate their service. Their strict security and policies allowed our event to run safely and smoothly.

Toyroom is an important part of London nightlife attracting many young people to have fun while being safe. It is in difficult times during the pandemic and Toyroom could use all the support it can get to get through this. 

Lucio Muratti

Aditya Gupta


canapes menu

bowl food menu

event drinks menu

christmas menus

Three course menus

sushi bar menu

Corporate drinks packages

Whether you wish to create an intimate dinner party or large-scale celebration let our skilled events team help you to make it a night
to remember.